Prototype visualisation tool implemented with OpenCV.js.

2020WIP: Automatic Scatterplot Design


I am currently working on an interactive tool for designing scatterplots for large data sets (i.e. with millions of points). My solution to scatterplot rendering allows for rapid updates to the scatterplot design, regardless of the data set size.

Part of this project has been accepted to the CHI’20 Student Research Competition.

Prototype GPS tracker built around ATmega328P.

2019WIP: GPS Tracker with Offline Maps

A test game to compare using accelerometer to control target position vs. speed.

2019Adaptive Motion Control


In my Advanced Topics in User Interfaces class, I implemented an adaptive one-dimensional accelerometer control scheme that optimises controller sensitivity according to the user skill.

Figma prototype of a social notification app.

2019Social Notification App Concept


In my IX design class, I collaborated with Zhiwen Yap to design, prototype, and evaluate a concept for an application that helps close friends stay in touch effortlessly.

I aimed to design icons with simple but recognizable shapes that could be used both in product packaging as well as trash bins.

2018Waste Sorting Symbols


In my USchool intro class, where we considered methods to facilitate trash sorting, I designed this set of icons as an exercise. You can read more about the project at the website of Laura Meskanen-Kundu.

One of the three cabinets I designed and built from scratch without much prior experience in woodworking.

2018Cabinet Build

GlulamPlywoodCircular Saw

Learning woodworking skills from YouTube, I’ve designed and built a set of three cabinets from scratch, i.e. from full-sized plywood sheets and glulam boards that I cut to size myself using a hand-held circular saw.

In my ray tracer, I implemented a physically accurate depth-of-field effect.

2018CPU Ray Tracer


I’ve completed both Computer Graphics courses of Jaakko Lehtinen. In the 1st round of the advanced course, I managed to write the 2nd or 3rd fastest CPU ray tracer among the class.

A very high-fidelity prototype of our investment app concept.

2017Investment App Prototype

Ionic 3Angular 2TypeScript

In the SCI Project Course, our team developed a concept for a mobile investment app. Esko Vähämäki implemented the back end for our prototype, while I designed the GUI and implemented the front end.

My concept tries to solve scheduling problems for people who don’t share the same calendars.

2017Scheduling App Concept


When interviewing for a design job a few years back, I was asked to design an application for arranging meetings. These are some of the screens for the concept I created.

The conceptual Information Architecture is designed to support both B2C (page header) as well as B2B audiences (page footer).

2016Information Architecture for Kämp Collection Hotels


In my Production Economics Studio class, I designed a new Information Architecture and visual concept for Kämp Collection Hotels website.

Our game garnered excitement at the guild room. (Unmute the video to hear player reactions.)

2016Laser Shoot’em Up

ProcessingJavaWebCamProjectorLaser PointerWireless Mouse

In my Interaction Technique Studio class our group developed a Doom-inspired shooting game. I designed and implemented the laser-controlled interaction scheme using house-hold media equipment.

Cyan: Train connections, Red: OnniBus connections, Yellow: shared connections.

2016Public Transport Network Visualisation


In my Basics of Networks class, I scraped OnniBus website for bus stop coordinates and bus timetables, and utilised the open API for railway traffic to visualise public transport connections in Finland.


2016Aarreaitta.net WordPress Theme


I consulted on the design and implemented the WordPress theme for Aarreaitta. The visual identity is designed by Saara Vähäkangas.

I implemented rendering and traffic animation for our game, as well as designed the world graphics.

20152D Adventure Game

JavaScript CanvasInkscape

In the Basics of Web Publishing course, our group developed a 2D adventure game. I was responsible for rendering and vehicle animation. I also developed a tool for mapping roads as a directed graph that was used for a vehicle way-finding algorithm as well as vehicle animation.

After the first year’s design, I convinced the client to invest into full-colour brochures.

2013–2015Event Brochures


On three consecutive years, I designed three distinct visual identities for the same event. Each year, I came up with a new visual style and new ways to present the same information.

The former official website of the Pöytyän Pöllöt scout troop.

2012Responsive WordPress Theme


My first paid gig as a web designer was for the scout troop Pöytyän Pöllöt.

The official logo of Halikon lukio

2010Halikon Lukio Logo


My first paid graphic design gig was the logo design for Halikon lukio. I went through a few revisions always simplifying the logo a bit more. The final design has stood the test of time well.